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CYQ specializes in cruises and retreats that are designed to take the misery out of the first few days of quitting tobacco and to prepare you to maintain the quit upon retuning home. The combination of education. adventure, activities, camaraderie and accountability, customized quit plans and FUN are the winning ingredients to a successful and enduring quit.

Our first retreat was a 6-night, 7-day retreat at the beautiful Safety Harbor Spa in Tampa Bay, Florida in September, 2014. We had a terrific group of motivated quitters who learned how to quit smoking in a healing, supportive and entertaining environment. Be sure to check out some of photos under Retreat Pics.

At this time, we are focusing on hands-on, in person retreats! Located at …? (Need info from Anne here, and some pics of the property!)

Customize Your Quit Cruises

Change your Scenery. Change Your Habits. Change Your Life.

Customize Your Quit’s constant search for innovative ways to assist our clients has inspired us to launch Customize your Quit Cruises, Customize Your Quit Corporate Cruises and Customize your Quit Retreats and Corporate Retreats.

Tobacco Cessation travel is a cutting edge way to start accomplishing your goal of quitting while having fun, meeting new people, deepening the bonds with your quit buddy, staying physically active and building memories of new adventures. The experience of going through detox with supportive friends and expert cessation facilitators can make all the difference, as can staying mentally and physically busy while your body starts cleansing and healing itself.

When you join us, you are taken completely out of your daily routines and away from the environmental triggers that stop so many quit attempts in their tracks. You are able to concentrate on the task at hand which is re-wiring your brain, putting new mental pathways and habits in place, and focusing on your physical and emotional well-being while you break up with tobacco.

Prior to each wellness vacation, you will be prepped as to what to expect and started on your path of self-discovery with self-assessment forms and quitting guides. Day One of the journey is quit day and includes group support, one: one consults. all levels exercise and scheduled activities. We continue group support on a daily basis, in-between day excursions, onboard or on-site entertainment options, exercise and healthy eating. One: one consults continue to be scheduled as needed with either Anne Palmer or Shirley Harvey, or both.

Guests are strongly encouraged to travel with their favorite quit buddy in tow. This could be a family member, a significant other, or a best friend who is supportive and non-judgmental. If you attend one of our Central Oregon retreats, it could also be your dog. The loyal and loving BFF who is by your side constantly, breathing in the same toxic cigarette smoke and potentially developing the same airway, skin and heart problems as you. The one that worships you unconditionally, never talks back or divulges your secrets, and is wholly dependent on you for sustenance and care.

If you don’t have a quit buddy, no worries. The group will be there for you. Concerned about how you might behave during detox? Don’t be. All guests will be in the same boat (literally or figuratively) and you will be surprised at how much easier the first few days of non-smoking are when surrounded by encouraging fellow quitters to whom you will feel accountable.

BOOK NOW if you have tried repeatedly without success to end your addiction to nicotine. You have nothing to lose but a debilitating and costly habit while gaining new friends, new confidence and seeing new sights.


Who better to lend a paw when you are ready to break up with tobacco than your best buddy? The four legged friend who loves you unconditionally, who needs you for everything, and who breathes the same smoke-filled air that you do?

Why not pick up a paw instead of a puff? Could stroking be far more rewarding than smoking? Could the life you save by quitting tobacco be your pooch’s as well as your own?

The answer to these questions is YES! Yes, your dog is an ideal companion on your journey to freedom from tobacco. Yes, your dog is negatively impacted by secondhand smoke and exposure to the chemicals on your tobacco-stained hands and clothes. Yes, petting and playing with your dog will relieve the stress that tobacco actually causes. Yes, your dog brings you comfort, joy, laughter and optimism. Yes, you can save your dog from nasal tumors, cancers, allergies and nicotine poisoning.

A multitude of research studies have concluded that pets can help control your blood pressure and harmful stress hormones like cortisol better than medications. The same blood pressure that could be sky-high from years of smoking or chewing. The same stress hormones that are linked to depression and anxiety.

image015Studies show that pets often reduce stress more than even supportive friends and family can…and no talking back, no judgment, no breaches of confidence, no unsolicited advice. Interacting with your pet actually elevates beneficial hormones like oxytocin (linked to happiness and relaxation) and increases output of endorphins and dopamine (the same feel-good brain chemicals that tobacco hijacked in your youth.) What nicotine addict couldn’t use less stress and anxiety and more happiness and relaxation?

Customize Your Quit Retreats is wagging its tail with enthusiasm at offering tobacco users the opportunity to learn how to quit tobacco permanently with the help of their canine quit buddies. We invite you and your pooch to join us for a fun and unique Quit Tobacco Retreat in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Bend is affectionately dubbed “Dog Town USA” for its abundance of dog parks, scenic trails, swimmable lakes and rivers, dog-friendly merchants and pet welcoming hotels and motels.

Our host hotel is the River House Resort and Convention Center located on the Deschutes River where every room is dog accessible (no extra pet fees either!). Our 4-night, 5-day retreats feature expert tobacco cessation education, customized quit plans, one-on-one counseling and group support meetings, hikes along the river and mountain trails and outings to some of the outstanding local pet businesses.

For more details email Anne, call 250.931.3838, or check our retreat calendar page at CYQ Event Calendar. We also are pleased to offer culturally competent smoking cessation retreats ad cruses for members of the LGBT community.

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