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Hello - and Welcome to Customize Your Quit!
My name is Anne Palmer, and I'm the guru of CYQ!
Anne Palmer
I recently have moved from Bend, Oregon to beautiful Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, a magical place of healing, beauty, acceptance and friendship.

The spirit of independence is alive and well on Salt Spring Island, as is getting off the corporate grid. Individuality is celebrated, yet does not overshadow a powerful sense of community and support. Its rural roots tie many residents to the land with farms and roadside produce stands in abundance. The sea beckons at every turn with all the fishing, boating, and other aquatic adventures that it invites. Rain forests to explore, Mt. Maxwell to climb, artists studios peppered along every roadway.

What a terrific place to learn how to permanently break free from the chains of tobacco addiction with the experienced and professional help of Customize Your Quit: Tobacco Cessation For Life!


Whether you are a local who has been struggling to quit smoking for years, or a traveler seeking an idyllic place for a tobacco cessation vacation, CYQ is here to help. We offer free weekly group support meetings (starting in September, 2015) confidential individual and couples consultations, and detox retreats for those who need that extra support during the critical first days of their final quit.

We are particularly proud of our Canine Quit Companion program. "Reach for a paw instead of a puff" is one of our favorite mottos. Socialized dogs are welcomed at our group support meetings, during private consults and on detox retreats as it has been proven time and again that the unconditional support, love and affection of your furry best friend are powerful healers. No longer poisoning their animals by smoking around them or handling them after handling tobacco also is an excellent motivator for animal lovers who may not realize that when they smoke, their pets smoke. "Pick up a leash instead of a lighter" when the urge to smoke hits and everyone wins!

Call NOW for more information about customized quit plans and services. All clients are offered a FREE 15-minute consult so that we can determine if my services are right for YOU.
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